Live only in the NOW and
in the highest vibration!

Increase your potential!

Everything is in you!

My mission as an ambassador and pioneer of the new energy is
to lead you back into your true self!
Where you live in balance, happiness, abundance and love for yourself!
Love yourself!

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Areti Kasapi - New Frequency Coaching - Energy

Areti Kasapi

Ever since I was a little kid, I felt it deep in my heart that I had a mission!
Due to my pronounced perception and sensitivity, I perceived all the energies of my environment very well.
This feeling of wanting to contribute something to the world accompanied me in every situation in life!

I went through all sorts of experiences in life and I often wondered why I had to go through all this!
I couldn’t understand it, it made no sense!
But one day the answer came: To learn to love myself!
I went through all the experiences it took to learn just that!

Self love!

I didn’t know before and suddenly I realized!
My mission is to use my gift to inspire people to recognize their own worth!
This passion burns in my heart and it is an honor for me to accompany you into the new energy!
For me, the journey of expanding consciousness is the most exciting and challenging journey there is!

The miracles are infinite!

As a Master & Clearer of Grace Integrity®, trained by Patricia St. Clair,
I work with the strongest light codes and healing frequencies currently available to us.
Light codes are bundled light information that enable us to work on the deepest energetic levels. Layer by layer, we release all old conditionings, imprints, programs, etc.

My pronounced perception and intuition enable me to see your blockages on an emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level and to solve them together with you.
We go exactly where the cause lies.

I work intuitively,
with the 4 body system
and with your higher self to
release the source of things that
have been bothering you for years or decades.

I work on the mental,
energetic, emotional and spiritual levels.
Without this holistic approach, a lasting change in our cell consciousness is not possible.

We remove the energetic templates that
no longer serve you and I help you
to change your subconscious beliefs.

I accompany you in finding your answers and increasing your frequency.

My work is inner healing work, teaching & elevation at the same time!


My Consciousness Journey

As an ambassador and healer of the new energy, I am constantly developing my level of consciousness.

I have developed my own New Frequency Coaching program that goes very deep and changes the energy right there in order to balance the HERE and the NOW!
I give you my hand and accompany you with my love into the new energy!
Our hearts are energetically connected during the whole coaching and I am always available for you!

The beautiful thing about the new energy is that everyone can live in ease and abundance!

Don't wait any longer!
Do it now!
Dive in and find your pearls!
You wake up and illusions burst like a bubble
Your perception increases
You magnetize with your energy
Synchronicity in everything you do

What is changing

Get to know the five changes
When you change your energy, your life changes.
We heal your awareness of the various topics and thus change your
perception. You can see and feel clearly.
Transformation & integration of emotional blocks
We go back to the point of trauma and heal the energy there.
We transform them into love and thus dissolve the pain.
frequency conversion
Everything in the universe is vibration. You too! You are an electromagnetic field that
creates vibration. Depending on the frequency in which you vibrate, you have a different
resonance. When you vibrate in sorrow you attract sorrow, when you vibrate in joy you attract
You learn to change and hold your frequency.
Everything you perceive in your life, you have manifested!
Consciously or unconsciously.
You are now learning to only manifest consciously in order to attract exactly what your soul desires.
soul embodiment
Soul embodiment is a process of pure healing.
I activate the process with my Grace Integrity Mastercode® according to Patricia St. Clair and you heal yourself.

These frequencies operate in the deep levels of the composite rejected aspects that
do not belong to our true nature.

Our only reality is love!

Because every human being is pure love in the true nature!

Anything that is not true love shows up during the soul embodiment
process to exit the system.



We are currently in a huge shift for humanity!
It is a new consciousness and love is the new basic state of
consciousness, gratitude, joy, abundance and balance are the base.

Everyone feels, whether they know it or not, that great change is imminent.

New basic attitudes of our values, new perspectives, new social structures.

Everything that was corrupt is collapsing before our eyes. The truth comes out.
We see ourselves as part of the whole, as a unit, no longer separate.

It is time to focus on the flow and to be very conscious of our words, thoughts and actions. Everything is manifesting at breakneck speed and it is precisely the time NOW to consciously manifest our new life.

It is very important to practice being in the present moment and transforming and holding all frequencies into supreme love.

The quantum field is more fluid and we experience synchronicities.

It needs the will, the commitment and the courage to become aware of one’s soul and to live one’s own truth.

In my coaching programs you will learn how exactly you can increase your frequencies and how you can prepare for the new energy in order to create a life of love!

Areti Kasapi | New Frequency Coaching | Soul & Body Coaching - Sonnenuntergang über dem Meer, Griechenland
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